Nov 8, 2007

Robertson Endorses Giuliani: History Repeats Itself

First time as farce:

And the second time again as farce:

For more detailed captions, see the first comment.


Gnash said...

The first photo shows Mussolini signing the Lateran Treaty with the Vatican, whereby fascist Italy recognized the sovereignty of the Holy See and established Catholicism as the state religion, while the Vatican pledged neutrality in international affairs, thus in effect abandoning any consequential criticism of fascism.

The second photo is actually from a Giuliani visit to Regent University in June 2007. The endorsement is too fresh to find a photo on Google Images, but the protagonists haven't changed that much since June, so it represents fairly accurately what they looked as the endorsement was given (and accepted).

Anonymous said...

From looking at your excellent photo, I don't even have to ask where Rudy's hand has just been.

Pat look's like he is so happy he could be the Marshal for The Priode Day Parade!

Kristine said...

Well, to me Rudy looks like he's about to throw up.

He must wanna be President real baaaad!