May 16, 2008

Blonde Jokes to Be Replaced by Right-Wing Talk Show Host Jokes

Remember this?

Now, after uttering gibberish, that girl later made some reasonably articulate appearances in which she explained how her mind had gone blank from excitement, and was able to make fun of herself, so she minimized the damage.

But imagine if she had insisted on repeating "such as" and "South Africa" for 5-6 minutes louder and louder, interspersed with attacks on the character of some person she disliked. What would that make her?

A right-wing radio talk show host, of course! Like Kevin James:

Matthews called it as it is: "BS" and "pathetic". He is a little late to that level of reality and honesty (I remember him chatting friendly and civilly with Ann Coulter), but better late than never. It is time to start exposing and debunking the idiocy of those psychopaths with huge audiences.

This was not an aberration, not a rare bad moment. No, this is how right-wing cheerleaders talk and write all the time. Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth...

Update: As Digby points out, Matthews was shooting small fish in a barrel:

Let's just say that I'd be a lot more impressed with Matthews' pitbull routine if he used it, just once, on somebody with some real clout instead of low level nobodies who don't appear on TV regularly. Bullying people without power just doesn't impress me much, especially when you have people on the show every day who actually have some and you kiss their asses with gusto. Sorry, not impressed.

I agree; I'd much rather see this done to Bush or McCain. But expecting that kind of moral and intellectual accomplishment of Chris Matthews would be like expecting Jessica Simpson to act like Greta Garbo. Let's be realistic.

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