May 27, 2012

A Brief History of Gnash Equilibrium

I am hoping to revive this blog in the near future, so for any new readers, here is a selection of old posts. Let's start with politics; after all, it's the dust out of which blogosphere was created. I haven't written much since the last presidential election, so the political posts are mostly from 2008:

I told you so, back when the crisis started. (Be sure to follow the link in the post, too. And all links in all blog posts. Blog posts are often meaningless out of context.) Unfortunately, Obama has broken the wrong promises.

I was a big Obama fan in 2008 and most of my posts reflected that. But my loyalty is to principles and truth, not to any candidate. So I occasionally defended McCain and attacked Obama. Ironically, the latter was one of the most visited posts on this blog.

Nobody has ever won an election by attracting only smart voters. Politicians need stupid people.

Tell me if you think I am a closeted Republican. :)

I still hope this was a correct assessment, but I am not so sure anymore. :(

And how would you expect a numbers and trivia guy to cover a presidential election?

After the election: sadly, still true, 3 years later.

It is often hard to tell the difference between real-life politics and satire. So a selection of my satirical posts should come right after politics:

Election Jeopardy!

Fun with Republican candidates... in 2008 (and they weren't any better this time around).

Barack Obama stole my puppy. Or worse.

My comment on Al Gore's Nobel Prize.

Remember the "Celeb" ad? I translated it to plain English.

I am an economist and actuary, so I often write about economics:

A brief history of income tax rates.

Why I am not a Mankiwite.

I also write about math, numbers, and numeracy:

The forgotten Eleventh Commandment (more useful than the first ten).

How risky is it to swim outside when a storm is approaching? Not that I'd recommend it, but I still don't know.

I like facts to be true:

One of my pet peeves: historical revisionism. In any context.

And I value freedom of religion, and freedom from religion:

The most bipartisan fun in America: bashing atheists.

Challenging the lazy conventional ethics of abortion.

When the Right doesn't like public prayer.

Update: Some links were messed up. I think I fixed them all.