Sep 1, 2008

Look what abstinence-until-marriage education does!

3. Will you support funding for abstinence-until-marriage education instead of for explicit sex-education programs, school-based clinics, and the distribution of contraceptives in schools?
SP: Yes, the explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support.

That was Sarah Palin in the Eagle Forum questionnaire I mentioned earlier. Today she reported to the American public about the effectiveness of that abstinence-until-marriage education:

Palin Says Her Daughter, 17, Is Pregnant

Bristol Palin, one of Alaska Gov. Palin's five children with her husband, Todd, is about five months pregnant and is going to keep the child and marry the father, the Palins said in a statement released by the campaign of Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Now, I do not agree with abstinence until marriage and I have no problem with 16- or 17-year old girls having sex. (Yes, it is stupid not to use contraception, but before criticizing Bristol, think if you were always wise as a teenager.) However, Governor Palin campaigned as an abstinence supporter, so it is to be expected that she wants her children to behave consistently with that policy. Obviously, she failed as a leader to inspire her daughter to adhere to it. What does that say about her ability to inspire and lead the nation?

On the other hand, the Republicans did succeed in proving Barack Obama wrong where he would least expect it. In his acceptance speech, he said
We may not agree on abortion, but surely we can agree on reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies in this country.

Um, no, Barack, apparently the Republicans are not ready to agree even on that.

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