Sep 24, 2008

War wounds my ass

Another bullshit ad: McCain can't use the computer because of his war wounds, and Obama is an evil ogre for bringing that up.

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I know quadriplegic people who use the computer very well. What kind of war wounds prevents McCain from doing so? McCain is a liar and a whiner.


Robert K S said...

To be fair, I've never heard McCain say the reason he doesn't use a computer is because of his injuries. Indisputably, a lack of manual dexerity, as much as a lack of patience with technology, would be a dissuading factor in anyone taken up the keyboard and mouse if there are staffers and family members around to supply information and perform computer-related activities. With fingertap-interface devices like the iPhone it's probably less of an issue. But it's not right to pin a third-party retort on the candidate himself with "liar and whiner" language.

bullfighter said...

Why isn't it fair? The main lesson of Swift Boat is that "third-party" groups supporting a candidate should be presumed to speak for the candidate and with the candidate's approval unless the candidate (or somebody clearly authorized to speak for his campaign) expresses disapproval. This ad is not just making an excuse for McCain, it is attacking Obama, and until McCain gets on the record saying that the ad is unfair, I will - and you should - assume that he agrees with it.